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Increase Memory Limit or upgrade File upload size limit

Increase Memory Limit or upgrade File upload size limit

how to Increase Memory Limit or how to upgrade File upload size limit ? 

01. Alright so the first step is to log into the cPanel account at iwrahost.com

02. Then under the Software tab click MultiPHP INI Editor
03. Under select a location click domain name

04. Then you will see a list of values

4.1 To Increase File upload size limit

You are interested in the two values post_max_size and upload_max_filesize

upload_max_filesize is the max size of a single file

while post_max_size is the maximum you can upload over all in one sitting
Default post_max_size is currently 8MB. i think its ok

upload_max_filesize maybe currently 2MB. you maybe need to increase it to less than post_max_size

Also actually one importing thing to note
if you are uploading a file in the subdomain i.e. sub.domain.com and want to increase the limit on subdomain like sub.

You have to go back to the MultiPHP INI Editor and select that sub domain specifically to increase that value as advised above.
4.2 To Increase Memory Limit

like a similar steps in 4.1 simply update default memory limit 128MB to higher i.e. 250MB or 500MB within memory_limit value.

you can even update max_execution_time only if such errors once faced.

Thank You.

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