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Important abbreviations related to the internet

Important abbreviations related to the internet :

HTTP –> Hypertext Transfer Protocol
URL –> Uniform Resource Locator
LAN –> Local Area Network
WAN –> Wide Area Network
MAN –> Metropolitan Area Network
ISP –> Internet Service Provide
RTF –> Rich Text Format
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FM –> Frequency Modulation
SIM –> Subscriber Identity Module
RIM –> Removable Identity Module
GSM –> Global System For Mobile
@ –> At The Rate Of
IP –> Internet Protocol
DVD –> Digital Versatile Disk
CD –> Compact Disk
EDGE –> Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution
GPRS –> General Packet Radio Service
FDM –> Frequency Division Multiplexing
SDR –> Software Defined Radio
ATM –> Asynchronous Transfer Mode
DCA –> Dynamic Channel Allocation
FCA –> Fixed Channel Allocation
AMPS –> Advance Mobile Phone System
TCP –> Transmission Control Protocol
IMTS –> Improved Mobile Telephone System
CDMA –> Code Division MultipleAccess
WWW –> World Wide Web
MTSO –> Mobile Telephone Switching Office
FIDI –> Fiber Distributed Data Interface
ISDN –> Integrated Services Digital Network
PSTN –> Public Switched Telephone Network
CSMA –> Carrier Sense Multiple Access
RADAR –> Radio Detection And Ranging
SONET –> Synchronous Optical Fiber Network
DAMPS –> Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
HTML –> HyperText Markup Language
USB –> Universal Serial Bus
PAN -> Personal Area Network
TDM -> Time Division Multiplexing

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