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How Will EU Domain Be Affected by Brexit?

With Brexit getting ever closer, it’s time to make sure you know what could happen if the British Government and the European Union (EU) can’t thrash out a deal before March 29, 2019.

That’s the day Brexit is due to take place and the United Kingdom leaves the EU. There’s been a lot of whispers and what-ifs around Brexit, so let’s start with what we actually know to be fact.

As of right now, we know with 100% certainty is that if things stay as they are, and no deal is reached, UK residents and organizations will no longer be able to use their .eu domains. Accredited .eu registrars will also not be able to process any requests for registering or renewing .eu domain names in the UK.

This doesn’t mean they will simply stop working on March 29th. But it does mean the countdown has begun, and it’s a short countdown. In fact, the registry manager of .eu (EURid) will only allow UK registrants to retain their .eu domains for an extra two months—until May 30, 2019.

During The Two-Month Grace Period from web hosting provider

You will be able to retain your .eu domain if you can “demonstrate your compliance with the .eu regulatory framework.” Roughly translated, this means showing EURid that you have a legally established entity or residence within the European Economic Area (EEA). This is essentially what the grace period is there for.

After The Grace Period

If it’s not possible for you to establish the appropriate entity or residence within the EEA, your .eu domain names will be withdrawn and will no longer work. This means you may not be able to access your .eu websites or email from May 30, 2019. But you won’t have to give up your .eu domain entirely.

EURid will not make your domains available to anyone else for a further ten months—until March 30, 2020. So there’s an extra chance to meet the above eligibility criteria and have your domain reactivated. If this is still not possible, your domains will unfortunately become available to new registrants within the EEA.

Will I Need A New Top Level Domain? for reseller hosting ?

If there’s a no-deal Brexit, and you are a UK resident or organisation with no residence or legal entity in the EEA, then yes… you will need to register a new Top Level Domain (TLD). There are, fortunately, a wide variety of globally recognised domains  available to choose from, including .com, .co.uk and .london.

There is still hope, however, that the Brexit negotiations will allow you to retain your domains. Even so, the UK government is warning people to take precautions. If you have further questions, our Support Team is also here with any advice you need.

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